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MONARCHTENT beats grizzly bear into submission.

Joey DiFranco /// 08/22/2017

So no, we didn't actually subject a real bear to the risky endeavor of fighting a MONARCHTENT but we did write that headline to prove a point. If you're looking for a tough tent, they don't come any tougher than the MONARCHTENT.

Besides the fact you can literally hang from the scissor pieces of the canopy, the MONARCHTENT has plenty of tricks up its sleeve:


The MONARCHTENT frame is 2 inches in diameter and made of anodized aluminum—the second hardest substance known to man. The octagonal profile of tent leg results in greater balance and durability. If it's good enough for freakin' jetliners, you know you're covered…(see what we did there?)


Nothing brings out your inner-Hulk faster than a pinched finger. Ouch! Thankfully, with the help of our little red button release, your fingers will be pinch-free and painless. The telescopic legs are plastic-protected, creating less friction and a scratch-free surface. With TentCraft, your brand is represented the way it should be - polished and professional.


With our lifetime warranty, we protect you against defects in material or workmanship. If your tent canopy ever fails due to a manufacturer's error, we'll repair or replace it - free of charge.


Bottom-line is the MONARCHTENT is the toughest pop-up tent system on the planet and we'd place bets on that grizzly only lasting one round before a TTKO (Total Tent Knock Out).

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