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Wheat Thins Custom Sampling Pop-Up Tent

Wheat Thins Custom Sampling Pop-Up Tent

Example of Experiential Pop Up Fabrication for Wheat Thins.

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Roughly half of our business is with experiential event agencies and familiar brands looking for a custom event fabrication. You could say we’re an agency for agencies. For this activation, Wheat Thins planned to have the world’s largest “snack hour” in Times Square to promote their new Wheat Thins Popped brand. Their goal was to create pop up event structures that looked like the Wheat Thins Popped packaging. This is an example of one of the many snack hour structures that we created to help with product sampling. Their team ended up distribution hundreds of thousands of samples of the new Wheat Thins Popped snack cracker. If you’re an agency or brand looking for an experiential pop up manufacturer, you’re in the right place.

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