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Verizon 5G Experience

Verizon 5G Experience

30X30 Truss Tent Structure for Verizon 5G Experience

Products included:

TentCraft had the opportunity to work with one of Verizon's experiential partners to help build a 30X30 Verizon 5G Labs experience. The experience allowed attendees of the Taste of Colorado Music Festival to experience the power of Verizon 5G through custom VR experiences.

The theme of this project was speed. We needed to turn the custom structure around in 5 business days. That means building the framework, printing and sewing the soft goods and staging in QA for final inspection.

Lightweight, aluminum box truss was used to build the framework. UV printing was used or the all of the branded panels and leg wraps. A heavier duty vinyl was used for the canopy to block out light and protect from any unexpected rain and a tool-free, carbon fiber event flooring solution was used.

The Results

Verizon 5G experience with 30x30 truss tent

30x30 tent for Verizon 5G labs activation

A video from one of the agency team members who helped bring the project to life.

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